About Star

Star World Records (SWR) is the official reference, and ultimate authority, for world records.It has been inspiring, engaging and entertaining since 2010.
Star world records aims to Inspire ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Our mission is to entertain and inform, and to celebrate the world’s best to support the record-breaking needs of our global audience.

Star World Record Academy spans the globe to find the widest selection of authentic World Records around the World. Each new world record is carefully verified by top specialists.Real World Records continues to push back the boundaries – with new artists to discover, new ways of recording, new meeting points.

Integrity: of our records, assessing claims with objectivity and enthusiasm, and free from prejudice or bias.
Respect: for our record holders and challengers, our media partners and our staff.
Inclusiveness: offering record breaking for everyone, everywhere.

Some of the unique benefits of having a record recognized by the Star World Record Academy

  •  Fast verification & certification service: 90% of the new world records applications are verified within 7 days only! (After getting the application and declaration from the applicant)
  • Even if your record it’s broken, it still remain there for ever (if you registered with us in advance and obtained our certification)!
  • Mass participations records: we list ALL the participants on your page; we list directly all the names for up to 300 participants and we link to larger lists; we are the only organization which (bother to) do this!
  • All new world records are listed in our Gallery page;
  •  All  verified new records are published within hours on SWR, making your record known worldwide, especially to the media!
  • Within 24 hours, your record will be available on Google Search engine, making it available on a Global audience
  •  In less than 10 days after verification of your achievement you can get Soft Copy of  your world record certificate via Email, which can contain a mention about your sponsors or you can mention those who helped you;
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