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How to apply for World Records:

To Set World Record Mentioned herewith Procedure and Condition:

– Submit World Record Form – Which you will get this with request. Please mentioned, Date, Time and Venue.
– Get Confirmation and Guideline if its new record.
– If you are interested to Fast Track or Online Site Certification Please Pay the Fast Track Fee.

– Full size banner with all publicity material must be present at the time of the event, in the venue.

– In the Banner, you will print the Name of the Record Holder and record title with venue details & Date with logo of Star World Records.

– The Record Holder must provide at least  Star Hotel Facility Accommodation with Hospitality for SWR team members.

– Record Holder must book To and From Air  or Train Ticket for SWR Team Members.

– Press Media / TV Media must be present at the time of the event.

–  If the Record will fully satisfied from claim, then the claim will accepted as a World Record depends upon SWR Team.

– Must arrange Video, still photographs and require supporting documents of the claim and give to SWR Team after end of the event.

– If the Claim is accepted then the Star World Records Certificate will give to the Record Holders.

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